OK, I give myself permission to write a shitty post. Hemingway said the first sentence is always the hardest to write so just write whatever comes to mind. Now the pressure is off a little I might be able to tell you a bit about myself. I like to write, hence the new blog. I actually like writing so much I have two novels in the making, a children’s Christmas story book and a page on Facebook dedicated to my writing.

The handsome man standing beside me in this photograph is my rock. I attribute everything I do to him because without his support and ‘keep on top of me attitude’, I’d be sitting around thinking about doing this kind of thing.

The reason I decided to start this Blog page is to write about things I find interesting. I’ve been known to think differently and my outlook sometimes upsets ones who aren’t too familiar with me. So maybe, just maybe, I’ll have something worth writing about.

Ps: First drafts are always crap

#firstdraft #green #newbie #blog #theonlywayisup

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